My good friend, Dr. Timothy Culbert, directs one of the most comprehensive integrative pediatric programs in the world at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics in Minneapolis, Minnesota. What makes him so special?


Tim gets it. Just one look at his program’s web site will convince you. His latest contribution is a series of on-line videos about children and how they use various CAM therapies to improve their health. The videos are brilliant and really capture the spirit of pediatric integrative medicine (PIM). The site also features beautifully-designed information sheets (“Ways to Wellness”) about CAM therapies, so that the kids can more easily understand what they’re about. Tim’s helped to pioneer the concept of the hospital as a healing place, an idea I recently profiled. He’s also editing what will be the first textbook ever on pediatric integrative medicine, and he has served on the steering committee of every PIM conference (now Pangea) since its inception in 2000.

I am especially proud to work with Tim on the development of the Integrative Pediatrics Council, a nonprofit group dedicated to “enhancing the health and development of children, families and communities by boldly leading the evolution of pediatric health care toward integrative, high quality, accessible care.” This mission statement was developed under the auspices of the first PIM leadership summit in 2004, organized by – you guessed it, Tim Culbert.

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