Pediatric Integrative Medicine Conference 2005

The 3rd “annual” Pediatric Integrative Medicine Conference (PIMC) is scheduled for October 21-22 at the New York Academy of Medicine in NYC. Join us!

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For the first time in four years, we are holding the country’s premier pediatric integrative medicine conference. Much has changed in the world of integrative pediatrics (and in the world in general, of course) since the summer of 2001, when the Integrative Medicine program at Children’s/Minneapolis hosted the last PIMC. I am honored to chair this year’s conference in NYC, a two-day event which will bring together international visionaries to share their knowledge about clinical, educational and research practices in integrative pediatrics. Featuring academic leaders such as Kathi Kemper, Wayne Jonas and Timothy Culbert, PIMC III is the product of collaboration between pediatric integrative medicine programs and centers across the U.S. and Canada. We have received much appreciated support from the NIH/NCCAM as well. We hope you will join us for what we anticipate will now be an annual event. PIMC IV is already slated for the fall of 2006 and will be hosted by Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

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