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Existing site: http://www.lawrencerosenmd.com/

Tagline: Lawrence Rosen, MD: A New Paradigm in Children’s Medical Care

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• Logo & tagline
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• Photo of Dr. Lawrence Rosen (in header)
• Photos (perhaps in rotation) of children being treated by Dr. Rosen
• Mission Statement about the current state of children’s medical care and where it is going, where Dr. Rosen
believes it should be going, what Dr. Rosen’s vision is about the future of children’s medical care (brief- this will be
expanded upon in the “About the Movement” section

Mission Statement

New tagline: “Creating a new health care paradigm for the whole child.”

“The life and health of every infant are, both economically and morally, of paramount importance to society.”
– Dr. Abraham Jacobi, 1872

The Vision: Whole Child Medicine