Integrative Pediatrics: The Book

The publication of a new text, “Integrative Pediatrics,” is a milestone for our field.


Published by Oxford University Press as part of the (Andrew) Weil Integrative Medicine Library series, this comprehensive guide to integrative pediatric medicine is co-edited by my great friend and colleague, Tim Culbert, and mind-body pioneer, Karen Olness. The book contains 35 chapters ranging in subject from broad foundations to specific clinical applications. I am honored to be included as the author of the primary care chapter and co-author (with Tim and Kathi Kemper) of the chapter on the future of integrative pediatrics. I think this guide is not only a must-read for health care professionals interested in a solid, evidence-based, revolutionary approach to pediatric medicine, but it is also a vital reference for parents interested in raising their children with the best of complementary and conventional medical approaches to health and wellness.

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