The Whole Child Center

The Whole Child Center is almost a reality.


A life-long dream of mine is about to be realized. I have been practicing primary care pediatrics for over a decade now and have longed to do so in a fully integrative center. As of this August, I am opening the Whole Child Center, an integrative primary care practice, in Northern NJ. What makes the WCC different? My vision is to enhance the high-quality general pediatric care I currently deliver with a variety of operational transformations. First, the space (currently under renovation) will be entirely “green” – built with materials and finishings that reflect the ecologically-sustainable medicine I seek to practice. More on ESM? Check out the Teleosis website. Next, we’ll add a smorgasbord of integrative therapies including children’s yoga, infant massage, mind-body therapies, energy medicine, and nutritional and botanical counseling under the direction of our clinical coordinator, Karen Overgaard. Additionally, we’ll feature a state-of-the-art technological EHR/practice management system, allowing for improved patient-practice communication and ease of care. There are so many components to what makes the WCC special – stay tuned for more announcements as the launch near this summer.


PS: I get frequent requests for referrals to integrative practitioners in other parts of the world. To help answer the growing demand, the Integrative Pediatrics Council website now has posted a directory of integrative primary care pediatricians. If you’re looking for other practices like the Whole Child Center in your neck of the woods, check out our listings which are updated regularly. We will eventually expand the listing to integrative specialty pediatricians and other integrative pediatric practitioners.


  1. Best wishes for success Larry! This may consume some time and $ for a while. Stay balanced.

  2. Congratulations on this new endeavor. We look forward to seeing you and Karen in the new space. Fulfilling a life-long dream is an awesome feeling!

  3. Oh, also forgot to comment first of all that I’m so glad to have found your blog! Signed – Rachel, Rebekah and Matthew’s mom!

  4. Would you mind posting information on where the Whole Child Center will be located?

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes.
    We are located in Oradell, NJ; there is a link to a map on our website at

  6. I read about you on Deidre Imus’ site and was very fascinated. The Whole Child Center sounds amazing. I will definitly be calling in July to make an appt. for my 2 boys.

  7. Wow! That is truly great Dr. Rosen – fulfilling a lifelong dream and one that is so beneficial to our children and easy on the earth. Imua!

  8. Congratulations, Dr.Rosen and Karen I am telling all my friends about the whole child center.

  9. Can you post a flyer that we can give to all the interested Mom’s in our neighborhood & preschools. There is a lot of interest here in River Edge in hearing more about the center. I would love to have info on hand to give out.

  10. That’s a great idea, and we are working on something along those lines.
    I will do so, and post it to our practice web site.
    Thanks for spreading the word – we’re getting ready to launch on Monday!
    Dr. Rosen

  11. Congratulations Dr. Rosen!!. I have given your new info. to all of my holistic friends. We are so looking forward to seeing you at your new facility next week. You are rare in the medical community. Thank you for being a true advocate for our children and their well-being. Way to go!!

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