“Green Baby” Released

Green Baby” by DK Publishing, by Susannah Marriott (with consultant editor yours truly), was released this week.


Months ago, I was asked to help edit a book on eco-friendly child-rearing from UK publisher Dorling Kindersley. They asked me to write a forward as well, which was quite easy considering how terrific the book is. I take no credit whatsoever for the original content, expertly written by British mum Susannah Marriott, nor for the gorgeous design. The novel green manufacturing process is detailed at eco blog SmartPlanet:

First of all, hardbacks are made from 100 per cent recycled cardboard and there are no book jackets. The actual books are printed on 100 per cent FSC-certified paper and DK tells us that for every tree felled a new one is planted. We like the ‘one out, one in’ approach. The pages are printed with vegetable inks and the printing and binding process is done in a very energy-efficient way by German printer, Mohn Media. This company has been ahead of the eco game for the past 15 years when it comes to printing. For example, it has installed a combined heat and power system, allowing the company to generate 100 per cent of its own electricity, and it only sources paper from FSC-certified European forests. On the ethical side, DK has partnered up with Bookaid International, which means that every time somebody buys a Made with Care book on Amazon, DK will donate a book to a child in another country.

I’m really pleased to be associated with this project. Between “Green Baby” and “Growing Up Green,” this has been a great spring for green parenting guides.

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