Pangea – notes from the field

Pangea: a conference for the future of pediatric wellness” took place this weekend in Chicago.

I’m still processing the experience, but I think we’ve taken a big step toward fulfilling the promise of true integration.


From Wikipedia: “Pangaea or Pangea (derived from Παγγαία, Greek meaning ‘all earth’) is the name given to the supercontinent that is believed to have existed during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras, before the process of plate tectonics separated each of the component continents into their current configuration. The name was apparently first used by the German Alfred Wegener, chief proponent of the continental drift theory, in 1920.”


Pangea (the conference) was developed as the concept for the 4th Pediatric Integrative Medicine Conference, and for future PIMC’s. It was truly a mass gathering from across the world – US, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, among others. We are all dedicated to the pursuit of changing the world’s view of childhood, and helping children and families “be healthier.” While the content of many of the seminars was ground-breaking, it was truly the process – the conference as a gathering place – that made it so special. A community has developed over the past few years – aided by technology (i.e. email) – but solidified by these annual meetings. Feeling connected to other healers of all stripes and shapes is perhaps the greatest value of Pangea. There were inspiring messages delivered by David Riley, Leland Kaiser, Linda Barnes, Stephen Porges, and Saki Santorelli. There were big and small moments – conversations in hallways, a bring-down-the-house speech by Matthew of “The New Medicine” fame. Saki’s closing plea for remembrance, centered on the story of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, gave us the ideal perspective to go forth and transform – ourselves, and the world.

I will write more soon on some of the ideas which spring forth from the gathering – most notably, the efforts by the Integrative Pediatrics Council to facilitate dialogue and change. I have also invited other members of the Council to contribute to “the whole child” – so look for that in the coming months.

As esteemed futurist Leland Kaiser notes, “The future is not something that happens to you, it is something you do.”

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