WHA Keynote Address: HRH The Prince of Wales lauds IM

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales addressed the 59th World Health Assembly today, championing the cause of integrative medicine.


“Ladies and gentlemen, if we nurture the humane, guiding principles of integrated health through combining the best of the ancient, well-tried methods with the rigours of science and the technological imperatives of our age, I believe we will be taking the first bold step in a new vision for the future healthcare of the world.”

So concluded Prince Charles’ Keynote Address today to the World Health Assembly (WHA), the “supreme-decision making body” of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHA, consisting of delegates from 192 member states, meets annually in Geneva to discuss policies of the WHO. This year, Prince Charles gave a rousing defense of integrative medicine as the best hope to relieve the suffering of those with chronic health care ailments.

“In preventing and controlling such suffering, we must think beyond the practice of reducing everything to component parts, and this is where, I believe, modern medicine needs to accommodate a more integrated and holistic approach.”

Prince Charles has been a long-time supporter of holistic medicine, mainly via The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, which is “committed to the best of healthcare for the whole person.” The Foundation’s stated objectives include widening people’s access to integrated healthcare, and promoting high standards in complementary healthcare as well as an understanding of integrated health.

“I believe, Ladies and Gentlemen, that there is now a desperately urgent need to redress the fragile, but vital balance between man and Nature through a more integrated approach where the best of the ancient is blended with the best of the modern. I am convinced that this is of increasingly crucial importance when it comes to the collective health of people in all our countries.”

Here, here. Three cheers for the future King of England.

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