Dirty Waters

Today, the US Geological Survey reported widespread pollution of our nation’s waters with pesticides.

The report, titled “Pesticides in the Nation’s Streams and Ground Water,” details that “pesticides are typically present throughout the year in

most streams in urban and agricultural areas of the Nation, but are less common in ground water. The report also concludes that pesticides are seldom at concentrations likely to affect humans. However in many streams, particularly those draining urban and agricultural areas, pesticides were found at concentrations that may affect aquatic life or fish-eating wildlife.”

In fact, 96% of all fish were found to contain measurable amounts of pesticides. As we well know, children and their developing nervous systems are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of pesticides, as clearly noted on the US EPA web site. For more details on pesticide pollution in our waters, see the BeyondPesticides site.

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