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After several years of planning, the 2005 PIM Conference is now history. What are our lessons learned and where will it take us?

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So, look, I’m completely biased. As Chair of the conference, I have a big stake in believing it was a great success. But I honestly believed we achieved something no one could have planned or predicted – a sense of community. In our daily lives, we are spread across the world in our own little boxes, yearning for connection to like-minded others. This conference allowed us the opportunity to not only hear from leaders in the field like Kathi Kemper and Wayne Jonas, but also to hear each other. I was able to speak to acupuncturists from New York City, energy healers from Chicago, naturopaths from Arizona and Seattle, nutritionists from Mexico, and pediatricians from the Netherlands. There were so many more healers from so many more places than I can recall. All there, focused on the wellness of children across the globe. These connections, I hope, will sustain us, as we go back to our villages, towns, and cities, buoyed by our collective spirit and renewed enthusiasm. I will carry this shared vision with me as I return to “normal life,” and I look forward to continuing our dialogue next year in Chicago.

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